Sudarshan Gurung

A creative geek on a spiritual quest

When words fail to find solace...
There's an awful lot of noise and blabber in every nook and corner of the social web, but it's insignificant compared to the superfluous chatter in your mind.
What are you gonna do to subside the needless noise in your cluttered mind?

Refrain from getting drowned inside your own prison of confusion. Find your stillness and clarity. You get what you give so take good care of your karma.

My life revolves around art, design, music and meditation. An avid student of life. Minimalist. I advocate simplicity. I believe in giving back and making a difference. I practise Mindfulness Meditation.

I believe in balancing creativity and simplicity. I like to develop simple and useful products for the web. Nothing inspires me more than nature. My designs incorporates shapes, colours and flow of nature. Simplicity and brevity captures my attention. For me design is an amalgamation of art and emotion.

I'm constantly pushing myself to think outside the box and create something worth remembering. I believe in the power of self-study, self-exploration and self-empowerment. I am passionate about learning new things.

I enjoy reading, hiking, cycling, doodling, watching movies, drinking lemonade and listening to soulful music.

My interests include calligraphy, industrial design, music, hiking and cycling.